AMSOIL Opportunities

AMSOIL Opportunities 
by Steve on Thursday 13 May 2004 

AMSOIL provides many great opportunities in one place! You can save or make money! You can do your part to save the environment! AMSOIL allows you to save money in a number of ways. AMSOIL offers extended interval drain/change lubricants that reduce your costs of product greatly. The labor for doing oil changes is reduced a lot too.

You may be thinking, “Extending the oil change intervals will damage my engine or drive train.” You need not worry. AMSOIL has been successfully extending oil change intervals for over 30 years now. AMSOIL has a powerful guarantee to cover your equipment. AMSOIL will pay for any damage caused by proper use of their products. (Read the full guarantee for the details and terms).

Why do oil companies recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles? Because they sell oil.

The EPA says used oil contamination is one of the largest environmental problems our planet faces. Used oil seeps into our ground water and contaminates our streams. AMSOIL products not only reduce the amount of oil used, but also reduce oil dripping out of vehicles and exhaust emissions. Better lubrication provides better fuel economy.

AMSOIL products lubricate better than competitive products, even while extending drain intervals and resulting in less wear. Think of how much energy could be saved by extending the life of automobiles by only 2 years. Think how many raw materials could be saved. Think how much less carbon would be released into the atmosphere.

The above examples are for cars, but the logic extends to commercial and industrial applications perhaps in an even greater way, because many of the same environmental rules don’t apply.

AMSOIL is made from domestic base stocks, which reduce our need for foreign oils, and keeps our jobs in America. The products are made to standards that meet or exceed the stringent European requirements. 

Why doesn’t everyone use AMSOIL? Many people are not aware of the line of AMSOIL products available to them. When AMSOIL started extending drain intervals over 30 years ago, there was some people who wanted to wait and see. Now, after 30 years of extensive testing, people need know there is no reason to wait.

You have choices with AMSOIL! You can sign up as a preferred customer and get your own products at a discount or you can become a dealer and distribute AMSOIL products. Click here for more information.

You can earn a substantial income from AMSOIL, just by sharing knowledge of the great products and benefits of using them! Residual income is the best thing! Residual income is every month. As an AMSOIL Dealer, you are not required work every month. An AMSOIL business is your own, you can be your own boss, sell your business, or pass it on in a will.

This is a great opportunity to start a business for a very low start up cost and a lot of potential. You can start in your spare-time and on your own schedule. AMSOIL does much of the work for you, such as bookkeeping, sales aids, promotional materials, advertising, product inventory and shipping.

No selling is required---all you have to do is share the knowledge. If you like to sell, you can earn monthly income even faster. 

For more information on the many ways to share the AMSOIL story and products please click here.

AMSOIL is a very reputable company that has provided top customer satisfaction for over 30 years. You can feel good about the AMSOIL products. It is exciting to share news about products that have superior performance and you can be proud to be doing something positive for our environment.

I am an independent AMSOIL dealer, I am T-1 certified and wish to help anyone who would like to use AMSOIL products or become dealers themselves. If you would like to become a preferred customer and buy AMSOIL products at a discount please click here for more information.

If you would like to buy at a discount and share this opportunity with others please click here for more information on becoming a dealer

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AMSOIL Opportunities